Everything You Need to Know About Rosin Micron Bags!

January 19, 2022

What is a Rosin Micron Bag?

Before you press your herb, you’ll stuff it into a “Rosin micron bag.” This bag has microscopic holes allowing oils and resin to flow out of the bag and onto the parchment. Without the rosin bag, you’re just going to end up with a sticky mess.

Think of the rosin micron bag like a coffee filter. You get all the coffee goodness in your cup without any of the grounds. The rosin micron bag comes in several sizes and with different mesh sizes.

What are Micron Units?

Rosin bags come in “micron” sizes. A micron is a scale of measurement and part of the metric system. One micron is equal to one-millionth of a metre (around 39-millionths of an inch).

Consider that human hair is around 50 microns thick, and our eyes can’t see anything under 40-microns. So, microns are a very small unit of measurement, and we use them in measuring the size of rosin bags.

How Do You Use a Rosin Micron Bag?

The rosin micron bag comes flat from the manufacturers, requiring you to turn it inside out before use, like a pillowcase. You’ll grind your favorite legal herbs in your grinder as normal and then add them to the bag.

Fold the end of the bag over to prevent any herb from escaping, and place it between a folded sheet of parchment paper on the rosin press.

Drop the plates onto the bag and squeeze them to the recommended pressure. The hot rosin bleeds through the micron holes in the rosin bag, leaving behind the plant matter. As a result, you have fresh rosin concentrate on the parchment, with no plant matter contaminating the concentrate.

Go Rosin and Experience the Difference for Yourself!

Here we'd like to introduce one of the most popular rosin micro bags for you.

ECO Farm Rosin Press Bags With Many Choice

  • ECO Farm rosin press filter bags are the highest quality and lowest cost solution for your rosin press! The micron rating represents the maximum size of the particle that can pass through the filter material.
  • Ultra-strong 100% polyester monofilament mesh.
  • All of our bags are tube-shaped to promote the highest yields by minimizing the distance the oil has to travel to escape the rosin bag. Simply turn it inside out, fill it up, fold over the end and you are ready to press. 

If you are interested in rosin press, you can also have a look at our efficient rosin press machines.

 ECO Farm 8 Ton Rosin Press New Upgrade Press Machine With Pressure Gauge

  • Working temperature range: 0-250 Celsius degree, 0-450 Fahrenheit degree
  • Heating plate material: aluminum
  • Shell material: three layers painted steel
  • Intelligent temperature controller with a cool LCD screen and timing button.With upper and lower heating plates so that objects can be heated evenly

ECO Farm 5 Ton Power Rosin Heat Press Machine

  • ECO Farm rosin press machine is equipped with 8-ton manual hydraulic jack, high-pressure oil extraction.
  • Rosin Press air box can be moved for faster heating. And the touch LCD display can show the precise time/temperature and has very good performance.
  • Constantly updated process, through thousands of durability tests, to make it easier for you to use the product.
  • Good heat dissipation to prevent burns due to overheating of the machine.
  • All our machines with RoHs/CE certified and all power plugs have UL certified to ensure quality.


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