Best Ventilation Fan For Your Grow Room

April 08, 2022


Why does a grow room need a ventilation fan?

The main focus of a grow room is to provide plants with a better growing environment than outdoors. This also means providing fresh, CO2-rich air.
A ventilation system is crucial to keep the CO2 content inside the grow room at optimal levels for the plants. As the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is low, a constant flow of fresh air from outside is necessary.

What are the benefits of ventilation fans?

  1. Maintains Optimal CO2 Levels
  2. Heat Management
  3. Humidity Management
  4. Pest Control
  5. Strengthens Plant Stems

How to choose the right ventilation fan for your greenhouse?

 To find the perfect fit for your grows room, find the CFM rating for the room.
CFM stands for “cubic feet per minute.’ It is a common ratio used for all fans sold in the US and shows how much air the fan can move in a minute.
Calculate the volume of your grow room in cubic feet by multiplying its length, width, and height. For a simple system, the CFM of your fan should be greater than this number.

The best ventilation fan for greenhouses:


 ECO Farm 5 Inch Silent High Speed IP68 Waterproof Tventilation Fan

  • Easier Duct Connection Design with Detachable Bracket ( Model D)
  • Truly compact unit with easier duct connections on both sides.
  • Energy Saving with low working power than competitors, saving more than 50% energy cost.
  • Built with cold-rolled steel housing and jet-engine design double impellers, and equipped with the cutting-edge brushless EC motor.
  • 6-Poles Brushless Motor with Sine Wave.
  • Double Heavy Duty NMB Ball Bearing, low temperature, not easy fever, its life expectancy up to 85,000 hours.
  • IPX4 protection class, waterproof and dustproof more effective.
  • Locked Motor Protection [ Auto- Restart ] ; Soft- Start Motor; Over-Voltage Lockout Protection.


Ventilation for a grow room is as important as breathable air for us humans. In the absence of a proper system of ventilation, your indoor grow will never succeed.
In larger, more powerful grow systems, creating a suitable ventilation system can be a complex task indeed. But the complexity of these systems is directly proportional to the size of the grow room. Your plants will ultimately benefit from the effort. That is certain.

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