Benefits of Wearing LED Safety Glasses

January 30, 2022

I think we can all agree the ability to see clearly, regardless of environmental conditions, is an essential aspect of safety. Safety glasses with built-in LED (light-emitting diode) lights are a terrific option when working in dark or dimly lit environments. From electrical and plumbing work to car repair and hobbies, the continuous illumination provided by LED Safety Glasses can make your job safer and easier. If you are also a lover of indoor planting, this article will be helpful for you.

10 Benefits of Wearing LED Safety Glasses

  1. Hands-free lighting that eliminates the need to juggle a flashlight.
  2. Easier movement in tight, dark or dimly lit spaces.
  3. A long battery life (50 hours) that makes LED lights both efficient and cost-effective.
  4. Eliminating shadowing in well-lit areas. With lights mounted on each temple, direct lighting keeps a task well-lit regardless of the location of the room’s light source.
  5. Not having to search for a flashlight when the power goes out in the middle of a project.
  6. Being able to eliminate large and uncomfortable headlamps.
  7. Providing flexibility by not allowing the absence of natural light to be a factor. Reading and working in a dimly lit area or even outside in the dusk or darkness becomes much easier.
  8. LED lights are permanently attached, so they are always available when needed.
  9. Anti-fog technology, so glasses stay clear in any condition.
  10. Impact-resistant lenses that allow for the ultimate in safety and visibility.

Available Brands And Styles
Interested in learning more about LED Safety Glasses? I'd like to share with you my favorite.


  • Shape: Square
  • Emitting Color: Blue
  • Material: PC+Polycarbonate glass
  • Features: LED Lighting Visual Eye Protection
  • Body Material: PC
  • Lens Color: Blue
  • Model Number: Grow Light Room Glasses
  • Length: 14.2
  • Width: 4.3cm
  • Frame Color: Black

I'd also like to introduce some LED grow lights to you.


 Effects of light intensity on plants
PPFD intensity affects the photosynthesis of plants. In a certain range (below the light saturation point), the higher PPFD, the higher the photosynthetic rate and the higher the plant yield.
Light compensation point: refers to the light intensity of a plant under a certain light intensity, leaf photosynthetic rate and respiration rate are equal, net photosynthetic rate is zero (organic matter formation and consumption are equal), light intensity is called light compensation point.
 Light saturation point: when the light intensity of plants reaches a certain value, and then increases the light intensity, the photosynthetic rate does not increase, which is the phenomenon of light saturation.
Light intensity design
PPFD value plays a very important role in plant growth. 
  • Low Power Consumption & High Energy Efficience: ECO Farm 780W/960W led grow light is composed of Philips customized 3030 full spectrum 418pcs, Optical macro chip 660nm16pcs, Epistar chip 740nm3030-2pcs, Epistar chip 395nm3030-2pcs,438pcs*6 2628pcs,
  • This plant light is specially developed for indoor plants/greenhouse/hydroponic plants. The best planting range for a single light is: 4' x 4' to 5' x 5' feet when working at 100% power. The grow lamp can bring1770 umol/㎡ of micromole (the test result was got at a height of 18 inches). In ideal conditions, you will get harvest four times one year.
  • Full Spectrum Grow Light: We produce a full spectrum light through Philips customized 3030 full spectrum 418pcs. The plant light is composed of 660nm/740nm/395nm LED chips.This grow light can be used in the seedling, flowering, and fruiting stages of your plants. Without any exaggeration that you can look upon it as a small sun.
  • Controllable Power Output: Indoor plants need different Luminous efficiency output in different growth cycles. Our grow lights are equipped with a dimmable knob switch. You can adjust the height of the grow light or adjust the power of the plant lamp to achieve the best energy output. This design helps us do easier shipment packing, and you can store it easier.


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