Beginner's Guide to Growing the Best Plants At Each Growing Stage

July 16, 2021

1. Temperature and humidity levels for female plants at different growing stages

  • Seedlings: 20-25ºC with lights on, 4-5º lower with lights off; 60-70% humidity.
  • Vegetative: 22-28ºC; 40-70%.
  • Flowering: 20-26ºC; below 55%.
  • Late flowering (1-2 weeks before harvesting): 18-24ºC, 5-10º lower with lights off; 30-40%.

2. Recommended light settings for indoor medicinal plants at each growing stage

As far as lighting is concerned, blue spectrum light energy boosts up the growth rate of female plants, producing strong, large, healthy leaves; while red spectrum light when the plants enter the flowering stage promotes budding.

  • Seedlings: 15/30/30 (15% red, 30% blue, 30% white). Once seedling has leaves and has been above ground a week, 30/60/60.
  • Vegetative: 30/60/60, 45/80/80 or 60/100/100 (depending on plant type, check recommendations when buying the seeds).
  • Flowering: 100/100/100.
  • Late flowering: 100/70/100.

3. How to make medicinal plants seedlings grow quickly in LED light planting tents?

When the medicinal plants seedlings are transplanted to the tent, in order to ensure that the leaves of the plants can get enough light and plants grow rapidly, multi-function LED lights should be used for lighting, and the LED lights should be hung in the tent.

The height of the leaf surface (canopy) of medicinal plants is 50 cm. The red and blue light spectra are opened, and the light quantum flux is set densely. (Light intensity) is 100umol ∕ ㎡s, when the medicinal plant is 3-5 cm high, the LED lamps should also be the height should be 3-5 cm to prevent the young leaves from being burned by strong light. When the medicinal plant is more than 20 cm,the lamp can be raised to a height of more than 60 cm from the leaf canopy of the seedlings, and the light intensity can be set to 150umol ∕ ㎡s. In the tent, the light period is set to 18/6, that is, the light period is 18 hours, and the dark period is 6 hours. It is advisable to control the temperature in the tent between 19-25 ° C. The relative air humidity is 40-60%, and the pot soil humidity is about 50%. When the pot soil is dry, water it in time. Available when plants are deficient. Apply nutrient solution or spray nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium liquid fertilizer outside the root. Method: use 100 g potassium dihydrogen phosphate + 50 g urea. Foliage sprayed with 50 kg of water and sprayed every 7 days, or fertilize depending on the growth of the plant. when you have mastered the above management points. Medicinal plants LED light tent planting must grow fast and well.

In short, this is all the most up-to-date professional knowledge you could ever need to take your medicinal plants growing to the next level.

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