August 29, 2022

The indoor plant is not necessarily a hard plant to grow. However, it does need a few things to survive and thrive: light, heat and lots of nutrients and water. Whether you’re growing for commercial purposes or your own use, if you are growing indoors, a LED grow light is an essential part of your setup.

Growing plants in a confined space requires proper lighting. For this, you can opt for 330W-400w LED grow lights offering efficiency and a good amount of brightness.

How far should my 330W LED be from plants?

During the flowering stage LED Grow lights should be located between 16–36 inches from the plant canopy. Moving the grow light closer will increase the light intensity which can maximize photosynthesis.

Let’s take a look at some of the best 330W LED grow lights and what to expect from them. I listed two different brands of LED grow lights on the ECO Farm website for comparison.




The Spectrum King 340W Phoenix Veg LED Grow Light is 98% natural sunlight and is equipped with all spectrums invisible to the naked eye, including UV and IR. Conventional high pressure sodium (“HPS”) lamps emit an intense narrow-band nanometer wavelength at very high intensity (yellow light). This stimulates photorespiration, which explains their past success in agricultural applications. Our full spectrum LED grow lights produce the full spectrum of colors in sunlight, exceeding the capabilities of any HPS light. With the Spectrum King 340W Phoenix Veg LED Grow Light, no matter what species or genotype you grow in our light, it will thrive without the afterthought of spectral output.

Lower Cost, Higher Efficiency: Spectrum King’s 340W Phoenix Veg LED Grow Light uses Samsung Diodes, the most advanced high-efficiency LED grow light technology, to achieve an incredibly high PAR output, making it more efficient than traditional HID lights and other grow lights More suitable for indoor growth on the market.

Advanced Spectral Range: These LED grow lights cover the widest range of wavelengths. The Spectrum King 340W Phoenix Veg LED Grow Light focuses on the blue and red wavelengths that help plants grow leaves or flowers, emitting specific wavelengths of light and maximizing the amount of light that can be photosynthesized. This makes us think that what is the best light for the plant is a pleasant light for the grower.

Complete Spectrum Control: The Spectrum King 340W Phoenix Veg LED Grow Light includes a dimming control that enables growers to customize the spectrum by dialing in the light source. Using a pair of patented Phoenix Veg LED Grow Light Rope Hangers, the height of the grow light can be easily adjusted so that it can stay close (2–3 inches) to the topmost leaves of the plant.

STREAMLINED VENTING PROCESS: This LED grow light is internally cooled and includes a power supply and vents so you can save on your electricity bills while still having a quieter, fanless grow space! With this light, producers have complete control over the plant’s environment, reducing the need for pesticides and chemical treatments.

Dual surge immunity is a first on the market and gives you peace of mind. Most reliability problems are caused by power surges from or within the grid. Surge protection on the driver and surge protection on the LED diodes provide the best protection against these phenomena. We want to be able to set and forget our fixtures.

SK Cryo-Therm cooling technology enables an ultra-compact form factor for optimal airflow while limiting microclimates. It is unmatched in its class in terms of performance and reliability. Designed for single or multi-layer growth close to the canopy.


The biggest advantages of the ECO Farm are the same as those for any other quantum board type LED grow light: efficiency, great light spread, spectrum, and passive cooling.

The delivers 2.5 umol per joule, making it one of the most efficient grow lights on the market. This efficiency is the primary reason quantum style lights have become so popular in recent years. They simply give you more output per watt consumed (and thus, per dollar you spend on electricity).

What’s more, many quantum fixtures use drivers that are dimmable, and this one is no exception. You can dim it from 100% all the way down to 5%. This allows you to save on power costs, when you do not need the full power of the light (like during vegging, cloning or seeding).

The spectrum has always been a huge advantage of quantum style lights and it has actually been improved on even further. First generation quantum boards had only white LEDs, and they all had the same color temperature, usually 3000K, 4000K or 5000K.

The newest generation now features a mix of warmer and cooler light with additional Red light(630nm)/Blue light(460nm).


Can I Leave My Grow Light on 24 Hours?
You should ideally not leave your grow light on for 24 hours as this can interrupt the natural growing cycle of a plant. Plants need to pause their process of photosynthesis regularly, which is why a dark period for a few hours is important.

While leaving the grow light on all the time can quicken their growth, it can also make them more vulnerable to diseases and damage. Your grow light will also run out of power quicker.

How Many Watts Does a 330 Watt LED Light Use?
How many watts a 330W LED light uses depends on the individual grow light itself. However, the power used is generally more than half of the power output of the lights, making them energy efficient.

What Is a 330 Watt LED Grow Light Equivalent To?
A 330W LED grow light is equivalent to 330W of high-intensity discharge (HID) grow lights. However, the former consumes much less power while the latter consumes 330W, making LED lights more efficient.


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