Why are grow lights so expensive 2022 Update?

August 25, 2022

Most grow lights are converting to LED, which uses less electricity and produces less heat. Which, in turn, makes them more expensive to manufacture and sell. The lights also come in specific colors to better provide for your plants, which pushes their cost up. However, there are cheaper alternatives that can still do a decent job.

These are just a few of the reasons why grow lights can be expensive. But never fear, because there is a reason behind it. Whether you are concerned about the cost or if you even need it, grow lights are a great addition to any indoor garden or green room. This article will discuss the reasoning behind the expense and how grow lights can help you.

So let’s dive deeper into the cost of these lights.

Brand Reputation. 
Electricity Output & Consumption
Low Heat Output
Quality Semiconductor Chip
Full Spectrum LED Lights.
Specifications of grow lights



Spectrum King’s Phoenix 340W Veg is the most efficient LED light fixture on the market with a dedicated vegetable spectrum. SK Cryo-Therm cooling technology enables an ultra-thin profile that maximizes airflow and minimizes microclimates. It has unmatched performance and reliability in its class. The Spectrum King Phoenix 340W Veg sets a new benchmark for what’s possible with vegetable lights.


Compared to many other high quality LEDs on the market, the high performance Covert PRO Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights are designed to produce superior results from seed to bloom at a lower price. Drawing 630 watts from the wall, and built with high-quality components like top-of-the-line Samsung LM301H and Osram Crimson LED diodes, as well as premium Inventrontics LED drivers, we’re super excited to finally unleash this beast in gardens around the world. Covert PRO Grow Lights will produce healthier, tastier, more aromatic crops, but it’s not all magic — it’s plant science.


The latest version of the tried-and-true modern high-efficiency LED luminaire. Now with a slimmer, lighter design and high-output OSRAM LEDs. Ideal for top-down cultivation applications, commercial greenhouses and harsh environments such as advanced medical facilities. A single Telos 6 PRO is suitable for areas up to 75cm x 75cm and will outperform 250w HPS.



The Growers Choice GHS-730 takes efficiency and savings to a whole new level. The GHS-730 prides itself on its energy efficiency, 40% lower than other LED grow lights on the market today. With full spectrum coverage, it can generate up to 730 watts of power to provide quality lighting for your plants. With a system efficacy of 2.6 umol/J and a total output of 1800 umol/S, it excels in your indoor garden. Also has compatibility with Growers Choice master controllers. Never miss a sunrise or sunset in your grow tent and unleash the potency of your plants with timed toggles.


The ECO Farm Samsung LED Grow Lights have a balanced spectrum that provides the best LED diodes for superior growth power. This fixture gives you full control over everything. With onboard dimming, growers can set the ideal intensity for optimal photosynthesis activation at any stage of plant growth. With a PPF output of 1514.7μmol/s and a PAR efficiency of 2.8 umol/J, the ECO Farm Samsung LED Grow Light is incredibly efficient compared to other commercial light fixtures. ECO Farm Samsung LED grow lights offer their users an average 40% reduction in energy and costs. This is the ultimate combination to increase the light energy reaching the plants while reducing the cost.


Grow lights are expensive because they are a source of food for your plants. The bulbs are specifically designed to provide the optimal amount of light that your plant needs to absorb to grow. You can think of owning grow lights like fertilizer for your plants. It will help the plant grow and flourish compared to not having one, or sitting it by your windowsill to get natural light. For this reason, grow lights can be priced pretty high.

Lastly, grow lights can be expensive for the color of the light that they produce. Unlike regular bulbs, grow lights can emit other colors that may better suit your plants. This is why you may have seen greenhouses with purple or red hues, depending on what kind of plant they were growing. Having this effect also will raise the cost of these bulbs.

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