What equipment do you need to grow plants? 2022,Updated!

August 02, 2022

Indoor farming and growing is nothing new these days. Climate-controlled indoor spaces have long been used to grow, grow and harvest abundant flowering crops. By growing indoors, you can eliminate weather threats, reduce pest problems, and ultimately achieve larger, healthier yields. As the demand for indoor grow supplies has increased, so has the supply of grow room supplies. If you're planting for the first time, we recommend anything that Cloth pots , grow lamp, grow bags and harvest tools are good options. To make your grow room a success, we've created a complete equipment list of grow room supplies below:

ECO Farm 3.3'x3.3' Hydroponics Essential Grow Tent Kit - 240W SMD Chips Waterproof Grow Panel


Grow Tent: 96% Highly Reflective Water Resistant Diamond Mylar (Enhanced Reflection). 600D High Reflective Water Resistant Diamond Mylar, Large Heavy Duty Zipper and Double Stitching, and 2 Mylars Around the Zipper to Prevent Minor Leaks. Mesh rectangular vents for better ventilation, and multiple vents for fan and filter outputs for easy entry and access. Ideal for growing foreign fruits, vegetables or medicinal plants.
Grow Lights: LED-like solar bright grow lights, using the latest grow lights in high-yield LED technology. Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights provide versatile blue-red, infrared, UV and white light for all plant growth stages. Its use time is up to 50,000 hours.
Ventilation Kits: Use ducted fans, carbon filters to eliminate some of the worst odors, pungent odors and particulates in indoor grow tents, hydroponic grow rooms (effective odor control), all very easy to install.
The ECO Farm LED provides a beautiful working and research environment with bright colors and greater contrast to study the health of crops. IP65 waterproof design makes the grow light especially suitable for wet growing environment. It provides a great solution for indoor plants. LED grow lights are easy to use, plug and play. Designed for indoor growers looking for higher yields and better quality. Long service life: Extend the working life of the grow light to 50,000 hours. The light transmittance is as high as 90%, anti-drop explosion-proof, hightem perature resistance. Eco Farm LED Grow Light is designed with high-density aluminum shell, which is ultra-thin and convenient. NO NOISE - The fanless design will make your growing life easy and quiet.

ECO Farm Vertical NFT Grow System 2 Layer 6 Pipes 54 Holes Hydroponic Grow Kit


The right size gives you enough space to enjoy fresh vegetables, flowers and other plants.
PREMIUM FOOD-GRADE PVC-U - This hydroponic growing kit is made of food-grade PVC-U for long-term use. Oxygenated water and nutrients are delivered directly to the roots for better growth.
Pump for Water Circulation - Our planting kit comes with a DC 12V 1A 4W water pump for better water circulation. The pump should be immersed in water to avoid damage, it is recommended to put in a 20L water tank (not included). Easy to install and use. Wide range of applications - This growing system is suitable for leafy vegetables in your home, garden and office. Great for growing lettuce, canola, celery, beets, strawberries, tomatoes and more.

ECO Farm 240w Dimmable Quantum Board Samsung 301H Chips LED Grow Light With IR UV


LED grow lights use our custom designed full spectrum high efficiency white light quantum board with Samsung LM301H and deep red LED 660nm and far red 730nm and UV 395nm 2,40 watts. LED grow lights provide a beautiful working and research environment with vibrant colors and contrast Larger to study the health of crops
The ECO Farm Classic Quantum Board has a dimmer knob that adapts to the different growing seasons of your plants. The first choice for beginners and professional growers alike. Low noise and low heat: Ultra-thin design, large heat dissipation area. The heat is low enough that you can place the lights directly above the plants and give them all the light they might want.

ECO Farm Greenhouse Hydroponic 24 Hours Grounded Grow Digital Light TimerFuction:

The mini mechanical ligital timer is small in size and novel in appearance. Through simple settings, you can set the time for you to automatically turn on and off the power 24 hours a day, bringing the dual effects of convenience and energy saving to your life! The minimum setting value is 15 minutes. After setting, it will start automatically without a day.

ECO Farm Electric Medicinal Plants Dryer Machine



ECO Farm dryers give you the perfect environment every time you dry your medicinal plants. It is designed with advanced technology to give you the ideal temperature and is specially used for drying medicinal plants. Medicinal pants dehydrators use heat to remove moisture from plants to prevent the growth of microorganisms, extending shelf life and giving plants a new feel. Lose weight, but retain the essential active ingredients of plants. Modern plant drying tools allow you to get the job done easily and safely.

ECO Farm 6 Inch Grow Tent Fan with 120 Degree Clip and 2 Speed Control:


All but the smallest plants require a flat-clip fan. At least. The good news is that even the best fan for your grow tent won't be overly expensive. You just need to know which models represent good values. Pole Mount Design for Grow Tent: This fan is specially designed to easily attach to a 15-26mm (0.59" to 1") pole in a grow tent. The clip has rubber inside to ensure the fan doesn't move when it oscillates. Air Circulation: Higher Yield: The benefits of installing a fan like this in your grow tent include reducing mold, keeping temperatures constant, improving ventilation and promoting root growth, which means larger plants and higher yields. 120 degree swing: The fan can swing 120 degrees or stand still. The 6" triple helix fan blades are angled to provide efficient airflow with high and low settings to keep you and your plants cool and comfortable. Fans have high and low speeds. The fan can be adjusted to direct airflow exactly where you need it.


If you want to grow fruits, herbs, flowers and vegetables, the best growing equipment is houseplants. Today, large commercial sectors are using LED lighting technology to achieve high volumes. This is what they use to control the growth of plantations, crops, fruits and flowers. Here we have only reviewed all the growing equipment used that are suitable for indoor use. The same thing applies to small or large indoor gardens, it gives you tremendous control over your garden. People can now grow different types of plants/herbs in their outdoor gardens that they might not have considered before. I hope this article was helpful for your next purchase of planting equipment. If you find a better product, please contact us.