Are CMH grow lights good ?

August 17, 2022

If you have a larger and taller space, using CMH technology is a better choice. Increased ceiling height allows for better heat management, better air-flow capability and more even light coverage for fuller and taller flower strains.

CMH vs LED Which Grow Light is Best for You?

LED Grow lights have evolved from heavy magnetic, in-efficient ballasts and bulky reflectors to ultra-efficient dimmable and spectrum tunable Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) all-in-one fixtures. The modern hobby and commercial cultivator now have the power to dial in spectrums specific to the plant strain they are growing. LED’s offer the tunability to go from a vegetative blue spectrum to a flowering red spectrum with a turn of a knob. CMH’s closely mimic the sun, provide the highest gram per watt, and even provide the coveted good UV wavelengths that fend off mold and mildew as well stimulate plant vigor and greater resin and terpene production. Choosing which technology is right for you depends on the size of your grow, how long you will be growing in the space, and your allocated budget.

The Best CMH Grow Lights in the market

If you are looking for the best CMH grow lights to take your plants from seed to harvest, you have come to the right place. Not only are we going to share our top ceramic metal halide grow lighting picks of the year, but we’ll help you pick the right one for you and your grow room. CMH grow lighting is a great technology for full cycle growing, right up there with LED grow lights. Whether this is your first light or you’re looking to upgrade from your existing grow light setup, we have something for you on this list.



Gavita Slim Line 2 (SL2) luminaires feature a W150 reflector, which has a wide distribution for optimum uniformity (150° beam angle). This reflector is best for overlapping plans. The SL2 features efficient passive ballast cooling to help extend lamp life. Additional features include a sealed enclosure with Gore-Tex® vent plugs and controllable output up to 1150 W. The SL2 is also equipped with a repeater bus interface. This dual port connection allows the SL2 to be controlled via a Gavita EL controller (sold separately). Connect up to 100 fixtures in a single daisy-chain series with up to five daisy-chained outputs per EL controller. A single EL controller output can control up to 5 daisy-chains of 100 fixtures, giving you room to grow.



FlexStar hydroponics units allow growers to create an ideal lighting environment at every step of plant development, thereby increasing their vigor, health and yield. FlexStar is the first product on the market that can control lighting surfaces. Through its unique design, FlexStar increases lighting efficiency as well as plant growth and development. The high efficiency of double ended (DE) lighting fixtures makes them ideal for professional and amateur growers. The FlexStar system combines the high efficiency of a double-ended fixture with a premium Vega aluminum embossed reflector with 95% reflectivity. The reflector can be adjusted to 3 positions to increase illumination intensity or cover wider surfaces. System intensity can be easily adjusted to four power levels with a knob for even more control over the lighting environment.



B-Lite Premium is the new ageing solution designed for amateur and professional growers. Whether you grow plants for a hobby, career, running a small business or a large business, you can adapt your lighting fixtures to suit different requirements. Affordably priced, grow light fixtures feature a lay-flat design that promotes healthier plant growth. Even in space-constrained growing areas, you can expect maximum plant growth. Grow lights come with an enlarged reflector that spreads the light more widely. Even plants that are located in corners or that may be far away from lighting equipment receive a lot of light with wider coverage. Take your take to the next level with DE/HPS fixtures. Double ended low pressure sodium lamps have a low shadow area and ensure healthy yield with high output PPF DE lamps have proven best for commercial growers as it ensures uniform light distribution. DE lights provide 30% more intense light than conventional gardening solutions. HPS grow lights are perfect for flowering purposes. If the plant is in the initial growth stage, HPS grow lights can have a huge impact on yield.



With the GC-315 and GC-1000 digital ballasts, you can run a variety of lamps (different wattages) simultaneously. You can adjust heat and light output simply by adjusting the dials on the ballast The 1000 watt double ended luminaire is designed for commercial applications to provide the highest PAR and high efficiency. With the dimming function, you can increase the power from 600 watts to 1000 watts. GC Series ballasts are 30% more efficient than any standard magnetic ballast. GC series ballasts are compatible with ceramic metal halide lamps, HPS and metal halide. : With GC series ballasts, you have complete control over the lamp output. Just turn the dial and you can go back to full power again.
Grow lights feature smart stepper technology that helps you adjust the output of the lights when you don’t need much power. The GC-315 and GC-1000 have a super lumen feature that helps increase the output of the ballast, so you can achieve maximum output and increase production.



ECO FARM CDM/CMH DIMMABLE 630W FIXTURE ELECTRONIC BALLAST GROW LIGHT KIT Reflector concentrates light to help plants grow quickly in tight spaces; Carefully textured surface scatters light evenly. Lined with high quality aluminum with over 90% reflectivity and textured to eliminate hot spots. With shield terminals and sheet metal reinforcements at each end, this reflector is sturdy, stable and secure. A premium double-ended lighting system delivers the highest quality light evenly, unobstructed, and lasts almost twice as long as a single-ended lighting system.


As you can see, there are a lot of great CMH grow lighting equipment waiting for you at ECO Farm. No matter how you grew up, you can invest in the best and enjoy a reliable, bountiful and powerful harvest for years to come! CMH lighting is definitely one of the hottest technologies today, and if you can afford it, we couldn’t recommend it enough.