ECO Farm 206W The Cheapest Plants Grow Light Testing

November 23, 2020

  1. Test the latest LED grow light of

Hi! It's been a long time since we met last time. Do you all miss me? Recently, I have been busy helping my friend build a growing greenhouse, so I didn't update the content. In order to grow in higher returns, we go to the market for a good grow light, but it’s not easy to get a high quality grow light at a low price. Fortunately, we find the good one from ECO After discussion, we chose an inexpensive LED plants Grow Light. Today, let's test a LED plants Grow Light that has just been used in my friend's greenhouse.

This LED Grow Light is a new product of our ECO FARM GREEN Inc. Co., Ltd. and the model is ECO Farm 206W GLL-YSG-T plants Grow Light. I browsed the information on the website, and I feel that apart from the low price, it has no other outstanding features and should be a common product. The reason why my friend chose this light for his small plants greenhouse is that it’s too cheap, incredibly affordable for almost everyone, just one $120!!! Can you imagine? A professional plants planting light of full-spectrum, a 206W professional plants Grow Light, only $120!! It's impossible to have such a low price throughout the Internet. 

I didn't believe in the price at the beginning, so I made a special confirmation with Mary, product sales director of ECO Farm Green Inc., who confirmed the price, saying that this product was specially designed and produced to achieve the purpose of low-cost investment for growers at beginning, and it is sold at the ex-factory price because of its mass production. So you can get the LED Grow Light at a lower price than ago.

Below is the sales link of this product, which is still the promotion price of $120 up to today.

2. It took me $1 and 2 days to get this LED plants GrowL

According to my usual routine, I told Mary, product sales director of ECO Farm Green Inc. that I am a KOL specializing in plants planting, with hundreds of thousands of fans. If I decide to promote this light, I would definitely make this light a best seller. Finally, I convinced her and successfully got the two lights with an experience price.

I told her that I would take one of them for extreme environment tests, such as water-proof and high temperatures to grow indoor. She was afraid that this light could not withstand such tests, so she gave me an extra one and specifically instructed me to change it to another one in case one of them fail the extreme test. If neither can withstand it, don't introduce it.

I placed an order on their company's website, and Mary applied for a free plants Grow Light sample for me. Because the price can't be 0, she changed the price to $1. After I made the payment, I waited at home to receive the goods. Then, Mary called me at noon the day before yesterday and asked me to sign for the express delivery in the afternoon. As expected, I received it the afternoon before yesterday. I placed the order on November 5, and I received the package the day before yesterday, that is November 6. It is a fast express received in two days. I noticed that it was sent by DHL express.

Below is the photo of the package received. The carton is a special carton for transporting fragile goods. There is no damage when viewed from the outside.

The box is made of three-layer corrugated board, which is tightly packed, with various eye-catching marks, such as fragile, directions, shipping marks, do not step on, etc. Judging from this situation, it is estimated that the products inside are unlikely to be broken. I have to say that the LED Grow Light is a very economical product for beginners to grow their plants indoors.

  1. Now we have unpacked the ECO Farm 206W GLL-YSG-TGrowLight.

They sealed all the package gaps with adhesive tape, but the adhesive tape was pasted neatly, which did not affect the appearance. Now we use a paper cutter to open the package and see the situation inside. You can see that airbags are filled inside and around of the big carton, including the top and bottom. There are also airbags between the two products. Such kind of shockproof protection is too much.

Now let's take out these two lights and put them on the table for everyone to see. Judging from the outer packing, it is simple and clear. The best point is that the color picture of this product is pasted on the side so that you can tell which product is inside without opening the packing box. This is a thoughtful design.

We then open the independent packaging box of a single product, and the first thing we see is a white, thick soft foam sponge shock-proof layer, and it is filled on the upper and lower sides and all around. This kind of protection is also excellent. Let me show you some photos.

We continue to open, you can see the orderly arrangement of lights, as well as its spare parts. The place where the products are placed and the place where the parts are placed are separated by a small protective layer, so as to prevent the metal products or other aluminum products in the parts from scratching the lights and causing damages to the lights.

Let's take all the things out and put them on the table so that we can view them more carefully.

Let's take a look at the instruction manual. It's very thick. There are seven languages. I take a photo of two pages of the English version for you.

The following are all sides of the light body. I have taken photos to show you.

The following are photos of the spare parts. There are lifting ratchet pulley, metal sling, anti-glare sunglasses, and power cord, etc. I also take photos of each of them to show you.

There is also an adapter to be used in different countries, which is commendable. It can adapt to various voltages and plugs to grow indoors.

This plants Grow Light has 120 light beads in total, including 3 kinds of chromatography. Among them, 84 light beads give off warm white light with a color temperature of 3200K, 24 light beads give off cold white light with a color temperature of 6500k, and 12 light beads give off red light, and the wavelength of red light is 660nm. Including red light chromatography, the wavelength of light is 660nm.

3. First, measure the spectrum of ECO Farm 206W GLL-YSG-plants Grow Light.

Now I hang up this light, set it straight and level it. According to my previous practice of evaluation, I first set up a coordinate system for the spatial measurement of the light. As shown in the figure below: from the bottom of this light, which is the center point of the light bead surface, vertically downward, is the Z-axis. From the center point of the light bead surface, the centerline along the length of the light is the X-axis, and the centerline along the width of the light is the Y-axis.

Let me show you our measuring instruments. We put these two measuring instruments on the Z-axis at a height of 24 inches from the light for measurement.

Below is the spectrum we measured with this instrument. On the left below is the spectrum taken directly by our instrument with a mobile phone, which may be a little unclear. We have derived it from the instrument and on the right below, we can clearly see that its spectrum is still very good.

Below is the spectrogram of the plants planting light of the Fluence brand, which is well-known in the plants planting light industry. Please refer to it.

You can see that this plants Grow Light can meet our requirements of growing indoors well in the most important blue light and red light bands, but it's a bit unsatisfactory in the band of 500-600. We'd better supplement it with a low-power HPS high-pressure sodium light or CMH metal halogen light.

5. Let's measure the radiation coverage of this light when planting plants.

5.1. Let's first measure the spatial distribution of the flux density of the light quantum of this light

We find a place to grow indoors and put the measurement grid cloth that I drew before right under this light, and then set the distance between the light bead and the grid cloth to 12 inches, 18 inches, and 24 inches respectively, and measure the flux density of the light quantum at each point on the grid cloth.

The whole process is tedious, i.e. constantly changing the position and height. I have sorted out the specific measured values and marked them directly on the measuring grid cloth. As shown in the following three figures.

The experimental measurement diagram of photon flux density (μ mol/m 2s) of ECO Farm 206W GLL-YSG-T.

Next, with the data of the above three measurement maps, we can make the following cone-shaped light distribution map.

A simple calculation method for the coverage area of a plants planting light is to find the distance between the boundary of the effective photosynthetic quantum flux density (PPFD) value of 150 μ mol/m2/s and the center point, within this radius, it can meet the light demand of plants seedling period. 

The other is to find the distance between the boundary of the photosynthetically active photon flux density (PPFD) value of 600 μmol/m2/s and the center point. Within this radius range, it can meet the light demand of plants growth period and flowering period.

5.2. How much area can this Grow Light cover when used to raise seedlings?

When growing indoors, we choose the commonly used plants seedling square flower pot, and the pot mouth size is 3.93 inches (10cm). In the planting area, ECO Farm 206W GLL-YSG-T LED plants planting light can cover an area of 11 square feet, i.e. 72 plants plants. The suitable light intensity of plants seedling is 200 ± 50 μ mol / m ^ 2 s

According to the measurement data, ECO Farm 206W GLL-YSG-T LED plants Grow Light is used in the planting area. The height from the top of the plants seedling to the light is about 26.5 inches (67.31 cm). At this time, the maximum coverage radius measured is 17 inches. As shown in the figure below.

If ECO Farm 206W GLL-YSG-T LED plants Grow Lights are used in large planting areas, one light can cover an area of 3.4 feet by 3.4 feet, which equals 11.56 square feet. Because of the large area, the light will overlap, so the edge will reach PPFD: As shown in the figure below.

5.3. How much area can this light cover for plants planting and flowering?

We choose the commonly used medium-sized pot with square mouth in the plants planting period. The size of the pot mouth is 11 inches (27.94 cm). In the planting period, ECO Farm 206W GLL-YSG-T LED plants planting light can cover an area of 4 square feet, i.e. 4 plants plants. The suitable light intensity for adult plants is 800 ± 200 μ mol / M2S. Use ECO Farm 206W GLL-YSG-T LED plants planting light in the planting area, and the height of the top of plants leaves from the light is about 12 inches (30.48 cm). As shown in the figure below.

If this LED plants planting light is used in a large plants planting and flowering areas, one light is needed for every 4 square feet. Because a plurality of lights are uniformly arranged in a large area, the lights will overlap, so that the edge can reach PPFD: 600 μmol/m2•s. As shown in the figure below.

Judging from the above data, the intensity of this light is not particularly high, and the coverage area is not particularly large, so if you plan in large areas, you need to arrange many lights densely.

Therefore, I suggest that when large-scale planting, it is better to cooperate with an HPS high-pressure sodium light or CMH gold halogen light, so as to make up for this defect. As for how to prepare and arrange the mixed light source scheme, you can contact Mary, product sales director of ECO Farm Green Inc. and their engineer, who will help you design the layout scheme of mixed light sources for various plants planting free of charge.

 6. Let's take a look at the quality of this light.

Finally, I took this light apart to look at the situation inside. Let's look at the situation of the light bead first. From the details of the light bead, it is light beads of the Samsung brand of South Korea. This light bead is currently the mainstream light bead used in the planting light industry. This light bead has a high efficiency of photosynthetic light quantum number and is a relatively energy-saving light bead.

Let me show you the PCB. This PCB is produced by JDB, and their PCBs are of excellent quality.

Finally, let's take a look at the heat dissipation of this light. The heat dissipation of this light is made of aluminum alloy. The aluminum substrate is very thick, the heat capacity is relatively large, and the surface area design of the heat dissipation aluminum profile is also large enough. Moreover, the ventilation design between the aluminum grids is also excellent, which can quickly dissipate the heat of the light beads.

Judging from the above details, this light is indeed of good quality. Mary promises me that a three-year warranty is provided for this light, and free warranty and replacement service within three years are also offered. I don't think there will be any problem with the quality of this light for three years.

7. Let's test whether this light can save electricity.

Finally, we turn on the light for 24 hours to see the actual power consumption. The figure below shows the power consumption after we turn on it for 24 hours. Let's use an electric power detector to check whether the light really saves electricity. First, we look at its instantaneous power, which is 207.5w, similar to 206w given in the manual. It is normal for the instantaneous power to fluctuate around the average power.

Next, let's turn on all the lights for 24 hours to test the actual power consumption.

It can be seen from the picture that we have lit this light for 1484 minutes and 1440 minutes equal to 24 hours, so the actual power consumption is only 4.86 kwh, which is about 4.86 * 1440/1484 = 4.716 kWh for 24 hours a day.

According to the current electricity charge of US$ 0.125 per kilowatt-hour in the United States, it can cover an area of 9.56 square feet of plants planting area for only US$0.6 per day. 1sq.ft = 0.092903 M2, that is to say, it can cover an area of 0.89 square meters.

If it covers the plants planting area and flowering area, it can cover 4 square feet. 1 sq.ft = 0.092903 M2, that is to say, it can cover an area of 0.37 square meters.

If your room is 5 meters wide and 6 meters long (30 square meters), remove the non-planting area in the space. If the planting area is about 20 square meters, then 50 of these lights will be enough. The daily lighting time for plants growth is usually only 16 hours. Therefore, the real daily electricity charge should be 20 USD 

Personally, I think this light is particularly suitable for small tent planting. One tent with this light is enough. Mary, product sales director of ECO Farm Green Inc., told me that this light is used in a small tent set product of their company. You can go to their official website to buy it, which will be cheaper.

8. The following is my evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of this plants planting light after actual measurement.

Finally, I'd like to summarize the measured light, which has the following four advantages:

(1) Good spectrum, very close to that of Fluence's authoritative plants planting light.

(2) Large lighting area. The 206-watt plants planting light can realize a relatively large lighting area.

(3) Excellent quality. The main core parts are brand products produced by large factories, which should not be damaged after three years of application.

(4) Cheap price. There is basically no cheaper 206-watt plants planting light on the market.

The disadvantages of this light are as follows:

(1) This light is only coated with a little waterproof paint and uses an electric fan for heat dissipation, so it is basically not waterproof. If you use sprinkler irrigation, you can't use this light.

(2) This light is not insect-proof because it uses a fan to dissipate heat. If your planting space is not sealed well and there are various mosquitoes and moths, it is easy to be inhaled into the light, which will affect the heat dissipation over time.

(3) The intensity of this light is not particularly high. If you are planting in a large area, it is better to cooperate with an HPS high-pressure sodium light or CMH gold halogen light to make up for this defect.

At this point, we have completed the evaluation of this light. If you are interested in this light or other products, you can contact Mary, product sales director of ECO FARM GREEN INC., LTD. Her contact information is: her mobile phone number is [+1 206 581 5521], WhatsApp is [+1 206 581 5521] and Facebook messenger is [Feng Ya].

Finally, I am very happy to share all kinds of interesting things about plants with you. Please also help me post this assessment thumb up, forward it and comment on it so that more people can see it and we can have more influence.

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