How To Grow Medicinal Plants For Beginners

December 17, 2020

Because growing a medicinal plants garden — or simply introducing medicinal plants into our lives — is something many beginning gardeners explore, I wanted to give you a guide to get started in medicinal plant gardening.

1. Read Medicinal Plants Books and Resources

Many online resources exist to help beginners learn about medicinal plant gardening. But I recommend starting with reputable resources first before exploring different iterations of the craft.

2. Take Notes of Plants Common in Medicinal Plant Gardening

Take notes while reading resources.And write down which plants are needed for each recipe, and write down those that can be used in multiple recipes.

3. Make a List of Plants You Want to Grow

By studying the growth needs of different herbs, we can learn which herbs are suitable for which season.

4. Decide if you’ll grow in a dedicated medicinal herb garden, incorporate plantings in your vegetable garden, or a mixture.

After you know what you want to grow, you need to decide where you will plant these herbs. You have several options, depending on whether you want to plant them in your vegetable garden, in a separate location, in containers outside your patio, or maybe a mixture.But make sure you do your research and consult your health care provider before using medicinal plants.

5. Plan Your Medicinal Plant Seed Starting and/or Transplant Dates.

The biggest challenges to growing a medicinal herb garden are knowing when to plant and whether to buy transplants or begin from seed.After you decide which to plant as seeds or transplants, you can begin to plan your planting dates. Like any vegetable in your garden, you’ll need to find out when to plant the plants in your medicinal plant garden relative to your average last frost date.

6.Remove Diseased Plants from the Garden

Remove all diseased plants, even in the middle of the season. The longer it stays, the more likely the disease, especially fungal spores, will cause problems for years to come. Remove the plants and destroy them; I do not recommend composting them.

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