Are DIY Quantum Board Grow Light Kits Worth It?

May 13, 2021

DIY quantum board grow light kits are a popular option for indoor growers. They definitely have certain benefits over the pre-assembled quantum board grow lights, but not every aspect is better.


DIY quantum board samsung 301b kits are unassembled quantum board grow lights that cost less than assembled quantum board grow lights. Despite price savings, the warranty period is shorter on DIY quantum board grow light kits.

Benefits of DIY Quantum Board Kits:


Upon looking around the grow light market there actually are some benefits to buying a DIY quantum boards canada kit compared to a pre-assembled quantum board grow light.


The first benefit is the cost is lower. The popular HLG 300 V2 comes with two boards, 578 Samsung LM301B diodes in total. Comparing the cost of that light to a DIY kit containing the same two boards and same LED type, you’d spend about 25-30% less on the DIY kit for the same product.

Replace Boards More Easily:

One really nice benefit of purchasing a DIY grow light kit is that you’ll be able to replace your LED boards easily without replacing the whole light unit.


Whether your DIY grow lights experience a mishap, or maybe a set of newer LEDs will become available at some point in the future. Whatever the case, DIY best quantum boards kits provide you this flexibility that’s not available with other grow lights.

Disadvantages of DIY Quantum Board Kits:

However, the grass isn’t all greener on the other side. DIY quantum board grow light kits have a few downfalls compared to the pre-assembled cousins, as well as other conventional LED grow lights.


Shorter Warranty:

The DIY eco farm quantum board kits mostly include a 1-year warranty across brands. The manufacturers can’t guarantee a product as long of a time when they didn’t assemble it themselves.

Why fuss over coverage area and light intensity?

The DIY quantum board grow light kits have definitely pushed the quantum board segment in the right direction – more options and more performance compared to the pre-assembled quantum boards grow lights.


But if you actually read up on the science of growing a fruit/vegetable bearing plant (including medicinal plants), you’ll discover the level of light intensity coming from these DIY quantum board grow light kits is only enough to get a mediocre yield.

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