Top 8 Benefits of Using LED Grow Lights

May 21, 2021

Indoor growing is an art, but like most things, when fundamental guidelines are followed, usually good results aren’t too far behind. Lets use cooking as an example, once a chef creates a delicious meal, that meal can be recreated by following a recipe, right? Anyone can follow a recipe, so anyone is capable of growing well if provided a solid foundation to start from. And, with experience, creating fantastic results is where the art comes in; but lets start simple, with an indoor growing guide recipe that you can easily follow!

Lets start with the light source

Replacing the sun with an artificial source is the most important factor, without a good samsung led grow light all the other steps are meaningless.

Sure, the old way of growing indoors with an HID commerical led grow light strips works. The HID bulb has produced many great results, but, when considering “small scale” grow operations, the HID comes away with more cons then pros. It makes the process more complicated, expensive and dangerous. The articles are endless on the comparison between LEDs and HID lights and many bad LED products have helped to keep the myth alive that LEDs don’t work. Well, LEDs do work and they work very well. Here is a link to a forum thread where a good LED product was used. And here is another one of the first sites to show their grow journals using LEDs.

The major negative to led grow lights samsung is the upfront cost. But, cost have come down and they it really isn’t that bad for example here is a 300W LED grow kit for under $800, which would compare to a 600W MH or HID. Anyway, when you factor in the lifetime of a quality LED product, plus the average yield from your first grow; the product pays for itself after 3-months of use.

What is the upside to using LEDs?

The electricity saved with full spectrum led grow light is nice, the lifetime of the product is great, but one of the most important benefits is the low heat output. A huge hurdle to successful grow operations is controlling the air temperature within the grow room. Controlling the temperature is very easy with LEDs, where with HIDs, it is not. HID lamps are costly to run, have a short lifetime, are extremely inefficient which is why all the extra heat is created. The heat from an HID can easily start a fire, burn your plants and heat up the grow room so much that you need to spend more money on active AC cooling.

Here is a list of why you should use a quality LED grow light:

1) lower energy consumption

2) long lifetime

3) physically more robust, resistant to shock

4) lower heat output

5) easier to focus the light

6) instant on/off

7) dimming available if necessary

8) safer product “class 1” no mercury

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